Vagabond Martial Arts Society

Kuntao ~ Silat ~ Chuan Fa ~ Kali

We are dedicated to preserving and transmitting the ancient combative systems of China and Southeast Asia. The Arts we teach are each distinct and unique in the training methods used, techniques learned and skills developed. But the thread running through all these Arts are what we sometimes call "The Method". In the study of martial arts people are often inefficient in their training and unclear about their goals or how to correctly prioritize their skills. Some of our students have been teachers or master instructors of other martial arts. Our "Method" creates a better martial artist who learns faster, more efficiently and correctly, regardless of style.

We teach mature adults in a friendly, safe, and highly productive environment. For over 20 years we have taught these unique fighting methods in their purest form. We welcome sincere students to learn these rare arts and be a part of our family.